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Scissor lift

Boom lift

Aluminium Scaffolding

Rental Scissor Lift
Rental Boom Lift
Rental Aluminium Scaffolding
  1. We offer 2 different type of scissor lift which either battery / diesel operated.

  2. Battery scissor lift is normally being used for indoor due to no pollution and smaller in size.

  3. Diesel scissor lift are huge in size and works best at outdoor as it provide the best stability with its outrigger. Besides it could also operate for long hours

  4. The maximum working height
    For Battery scissor lift: up to 16 meter.

    For Diesel scissor lift: up to 18 meter.

  5. Check out the product specification here

  1. We provide rental for boom lift that is battery / diesel operated.

  2. The boom lift is designed in 2 different type which is Telescopic / Articulating.

  3. The maximum working height
    For Battery Boom Lift: up to 20m
    For Diesel Boom Lift: up to 41m


  1. We provide aluminium scaffolding in frame and ring type. Available for sales & rental.

  2. Our scaffolder are all competence person with CIDB and able to provide green tag if required.

  3. All-in service available, Labor to erect & dismantle, PE endorsement, Greentag certification.

  4. Past Project: MRT, Shopping malls, Mosque, Multi Purpose Hall and etc.

Sales Hotline - 016 220 4844

Service & Maintenance

Repair Scissor Lift, Boom Lift

We have been in this industry for the past 8 years and having our own manufacturing plant in China producing Gorly scissor lift. Throughout the years, our R&D and service team works closely to produce new models with improved features.  Therefore we are confidence that our service team are well equipped with knowledge in repairing scissor lifts.


Below are the common issues that we handle,

  1. Hydraulic Oil Leaking Issue.

  2. ECU & Joystick Malfunction.

  3. Sensors Malfunction.


If your problem is not stated above, don't worry just give us a call and let us know the problem. If is neccessary, we may also send our service team to your site for diagnose. 




Additional Service

Apart from providing repair service, we also provide,


  1. Renewal of PMA Certificates.

  2. Contract Maintenance Services.

  3. Sales of Scissor Lift / Boom lift Spare Parts. 

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