About Us

Gorly Equipment Sdn Bhd was establish in the year of 2015 where our parent company Shenzhen Gaoli Aerial Work Equipment Co., Ltd have decided to expand their market into Malaysia. We manufacture self-propelled lifts since back in 2007 and have delivered more than 5,000 of self-propelled lifts in China and countries around the world.

What makes us different from others in Malaysia? 
There are many company out there who provides aerial work platform services but almost all of them are dealers or distributors that only focuses on sales and rental of machines. Therefore when break downs happen, it normally took more than 48 hours for them to get their machine fix or parts being replace. 


Gorly Equipment Sdn Bhd is totally different where we are not dealers or distributors but sister company in Malaysia. Therefore we have full support from our parent company in terms of technical support team as well as spare parts availability.  Our aim is to provide excellent service to our customer by resolving any breakdown in within 48 hours!


Product Quality Assurance

Throughout the years, our self-propelled lifts have succesfully obtained serveral recognition and certification from different organization. We believe that with these recognition will increase the confidence level of our customers towards our product.



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